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LA SmashCakes - A Twist on Two Classics!

"A cake by any other name is just as sweet."

I think someone said that once.  Why bring up such a quote?

Smash cakes.  

These are the new cakes that are currently taking LA by storm!  

"What?  'Smash cakes?'" you say?

If you aren't yet privy, just take a look at this gorgeous example for yourself:

Yeah, it looks utterly amazing.  But you probably see amazing cakes somewhat regularly.  

So let's clear something up.  Smash cakes are not technically cakes.  

They are handmade chocolate piñatas designed in the shape of a cake, typically filled with various gummies, Skittles and M&M's.

Don't buy it?

Fortunately for you, I came well-armed with a little clip of a smash cake in action:

  • So what's inside?  Smash cakes are typically filled with various gummies, Skittles, M&M's, and things of the like.

Jenny Hernstad, founder of LA SmashCakes stopped by the show today with a VERY special LA SmashCake which we had the privilege of busting open - live on the air!

Every LA SmashCake comes with a set of instructions and a custom-branded wooden mallet which we used to break and enter into candy seventh Heaven.

Listen to Jenny's interview in the iHeartRADIO player below:

Follow LA SmashCakes on Instagram @LASmashCakes and visit their website at

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