(5/19) Joke of the Day

Q: Why did the hot dog turn down a chance to star in a major motion picture?

A: They didn't have a roll that was a good fit.

Can somebody say jam packed? How about "procrastibaking?" Neil covers that and so much more today. Kevin Klasky from BJ's brought in some TASTY treats for Neil to test. Two culinary competitors in the upcoming Sous Chef Knockout came in to try their hands at getting Judge Neil on their side (wink, wink). AND we gave away tickets to the Eat Drink Vegan Food Fest coming up at the Rosebowl! AND AND AND we also gave away tickets to DISNEYLAND! Well, the winners have already won, but listen to the podcast to hear about the status of the E. Coli situation, what to do with food scraps so they don't go to waste, and MORE!

To learn more about the Sous Chef Knockout, click HERE! Or to just make reservations, call (714) 662-3414.

To hear the real deal podcast, click HERE!

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