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Ten Things Confident Women Never Do In Relationships

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Are you confident? Well if you would NEVER do these things, you're pretty secure.

1. Play mind games by expecting men to be mind readers and then getting mad at them for “not knowing.” If you find yourself says the words “You should know” then you’re not doing your job to explain your needs.

2. Deliberately make men feel jealous

3. Fish for compliments. You should know you’re hot. Don’t depend on him to affirm you.

4. Being a doormat about his suggestions about what to wear or how to do your hair.

5. Drop everything for a man.

6. Feel insecure about your sexual about your sexual experience. Why should someone be worried about how many people their partner has slept with before them after all? That’s none of their business.This is why truly confident women don’t even want to be involved in body count discussions, and will in fact consider it a red flag if their partner asks the question.

7. Care about “high value” mates and what your friends will think.

8. Snoop and invade his privacy.

9. Assess red flags accurately. Give a second chance but no more.

10. They do not fear abandonment!

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