The Beauty of Boundaries!

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According to Dr. Wendy people love boundaries! They show self respect and self love. They have a HUGE benefit on your life. How you ask? Here a 10 ways!

1. We gain compassion for others and recognize their limitations.

2. We experience less anger or resentment towards people because we are able to accept that everyone is entitled to set boundaries.

3. We gain a sense of inner peace and safety from feeling the need to respond to others’ selfserving demands.

4. You gain the time and energy you need to attend to the things that matter most to you – not that matter most to someone else.

5. You gain a sense of self-respect by not setting aside your needs to fulfill the needs of others – and others will respect you more for having drawn this line.

6. There is also less relationship conflict between you and others when you make it clear what is and is not reasonable to expect from you. If you state your boundaries firmly and live them publicly, people lose the ammunition they might have had to guilt you into agreeing to something you would wish you had not agreed to.

7. Boundaries allow for improved communication. You’re setting the ground rules and showing others where you stand – these invite others to do the same in your relationship with them and their relationships with others.

8. As you build healthy boundaries, you’re building up your self-esteem, as well. You’ll begin to realize that your self-worth should not be based on what others use you for, but on how you use your talents and your gifts. You’ll also gain confidence in yourself as you communicate your boundaries.

9. Clearer boundaries mean less room for misunderstandings or “guilt trips” when you are asked to defend or clarify them, so you enjoy lower stress and less anxiety. It can be hard at first to communicate where your boundaries lie, but the anxiety decreases as you practice honoring them.

10. Lastly, clear boundaries result in others having a better understanding and greater acceptance of you. Boundaries reflect our values and when we see what others value, it helps us understand who they are.

For more information check out Psychology Today

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