Sherry Torkos Joins Dr. Wendy Walsh and Talks Getting Healthy

Sherry Torkos, B.Sc.Phm., R.Ph., holistic pharmacist, former fitness instructor and author of, “The GI Made Simple: The Proven Way To Lose Weight, Boost Energy & Cut Your Risk of Disease,” says we need to reframe our approach to exercise and eating in order to counter our shelter-at-home physiques. The pandemic has certainly caused a lot of change in our lifestyles, including a big one: Not moving as much and indulging in at-home comfort foods. Working from home, limiting travel and simply not having very many places to go or people to see has made weight management a much harder hurdle to clear even for the relatively healthy person.
Sherry is here with help. She tells Dr. Wendy exactly what we need to do to live a better lifestyle. Take a listen to the interview!

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