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Changes in Sexual Behavior During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Justin Garcia is the Acting Executive Director at The Kinsey Institute, and a good (great) friend of the Dr. Wendy Walsh Show! He joined Dr. Wendy this week to discuss a new national study from the Kinsey Institute that looks into the recent changes in people's sexual behavior.

The purpose of their study was to try and better understand the romantic and sexual lives of adults during these unprecedented times -- also known as the Coronavirus pandemic times...

"This virus and the resulting societal changes are new to nearly all of us, and this event may be pushing people together or apart in ways that we’ve not previously seen or studied," the study's research team wrote. "Developing a better understanding of how people feel and behave in emergency contexts is important for both research and clinical practice, in order to plan for both positive and negative outcomes and prepare for events like this in the future."

Long story short, the research team found that both the frequency AND quality of sexual encounters people are having during the pandemic have decreased...

So, is this just all bad news for couples???

Not necessarily. But let's just say the data shows room for a lot of improvement in the new year!

And -- have you ever wondered what someone FEELS when they're having an affair? Dr. Justin Garcia worked on another study that looked into just that -- someone's initial motivation to engage in infidelity...

Click HERE to read that research study on what people do, say, and feel when they have affairs.

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