Is it OK to Socialize? Here's Some Science

There is a huge, impassioned debate going on around the country about businesses opening back up. The pandemic is not over. We're actually barley through the projected peak. There is no clear plan about how to keep people safe as they venture back out again. Some people seem to think there's nothing they need to be safe about. In fact, people have been defying orders in every way, not only congregating, but doing so without masks and without keeping a safe distance.

Dr. Erin Bromage is an Assoc. Prof. of Biology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He teaches and researches infectious diseases and host immune responses of animals. He has written a super data-filled blog called "The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them." It's brilliant. Please click on that little link back there and give it a look if you'd like to get some science.


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