Autism Awareness Ambassador and Founder of "The Miracle Project"

The Center for Disease Control has announced that about one out of every 58 kids is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Symptoms include social, communication, and behavioral challenges. It's called a spectrum because these symptoms can be anywhere from mild to severe depending on the person.

Elaine Hall is an award winning author, TV and Film acting coach, and Founder of The Miracle Project - a theater and film program for all abilities profiled in the two-time Emmy Award winning HBO film, Autism: The Musical. Several of her kids who've gone through The Miracle Project are now regular cast members of Netflix's "Atypical," a show centered around a teenager with autism.

Hall joins Dr. Wendy in honor of Autism Awareness Month. In fact, she has just returned from the United Nations where she and her non-verbal autistic son gave a presentation for World Autism Awareness Day about technology for people on the spectrum.

Her memoir, Now I See the Moon, is the official selection for World Autism Awareness Day.

To learn more about The Miracle Project, click HERE!

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