Interpol Asking China for Location of Missing President Meng Hongwei

Interpol President Meng Hongwei has gone missing after a visit to China and now the organization is urging the country to provide some answers. 

Hongwei left the Interpol HQ in the French city of Lyon on September 25 and his family says they have not heard from him since. 

The South China Morning Post reports Hongwei was "taken away" for questioning as soon as he landed in China but could not confirm where he is being held or why he is being investigated. 

Interpol has expressed their concern for their president who is also a vice-minister at China‚Äôs Ministry of Public Security. 


The suspicion that Hongwei angered China in some way had people questioning the truth behind his disappearance. 

A pattern among China's senior Communist Party officials that seem to vanish from the public eye has led some to believe that Hongwei is another victim under the rule of General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping.

"The official in question suddenly drops out of the public eye and an alarm is raised that the person is "missing", usually by members of the public. Eventually, the party issues a terse statement that the official is "under investigation", the official is then booted from the party for "disciplinary infractions" and - eventually - a prison sentence is announced, BBC Asia Editor Celia Hatton said

France has opened an investigation into Mr. Hongwei's disappearance.

Photo: Getty Images

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