Costco Is Not Taking Back Your Hoarded Items

Panic buying and hoarding during the coronavirus pandemic has become a problem. However, Costco is working to put a stop to it. As toilet paper, hand sanitizer and many more items run out in stores across the country, Costco stores are now placing strong restrictions on returns. Items such as soap and rice are also on the list as Americans continue to panic buy across the United States.

The @CostcoDeals Instagram account quoted "FINALLY!! I am so glad @Costco is finally doing this!! Wish they would have done this in the first place! Maybe we might still have 🧻 available for the rest of us lol! At least now we know the return lines won’t be out the door after this is all over! UPDATE: CONFIRMED NATIONWIDE!".

This isn't the first time Costco has implemented a policy change because of the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this week the retailer announced it would be limiting the amount of people allowed in the store at one time along with a restriction to the amount of high demand items that could be bought at once.


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