Stolen Boulder 'Magically' Reappears

A beloved one-ton boulder that was stolen from a national forest in Arizona last month has been mysteriously returned. Dubbed 'Wizard Rock,' by local residents, the disappearance of the enormous landmark made headlines last week when officials from the Prescott National Forest announced that it had gone missing and asked for the public's help in solving the case. The most perplexing aspect of the caper, of course, was how the thieves managed to make off with the massive boulder undetected.

While the answer to that question remains a mystery, it would appear that the case has come to a close in a rather fortunate manner. Shortly after the story of the stolen stone went viral, a national forest employee on patrol reportedly discovered that the thieves had actually brought the boulder back at some point during the night of Halloween. The strange way in which 'Wizard Rock' both vanished and then reappeared was not lost on the Prescott National Forest, as one official joked with the Washington Post that "maybe it's magical."

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