Macro with Jason Middleton

Macro with Jason Middleton

Jason Middleton is an anchor and business/technology analyst for KFI.Full Bio


Super Macro, Bros: AI, Home Ownership, Online Inflation


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Maybe my Gen X brain got hyperactivated, but that ‘Super Maro Brothers’ flick really landed on me. A second viewing is already on the schedule. As for second go-arounds, and on and on? Artificial Intelligence. 

Guys, we will continue to cover AI and its macroeconomic implications until … well, until the show goes off the air, because AI is here to stay. This week, we’ll look at a headline-worthy aspect of a photo-manipulation scandal

Moving forward, though, we will look at how to prepare yourself (and your work skills; workmates), prepping for everything else from supply chains to much-needed regulation. 

Also this week, has fresh data on home ownership - and blockades to that once-normal path to wealth building in the U.S. 

Online shopping is still here - but the inflation rate for digital delivery is starting to cool off a little, per Adobe Analytics

Finally, we have This Week in Elon Musk (seen online: Space X’s rocket Starship’s pronouns are now was/were). 


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