Macro with Jason Middleton

Macro with Jason Middleton

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Banks Seem Steady; Q1 Also Solid


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April Fool’s Day is good for one thing: it’s a reminder to check your first-quarter results, headlines and other non-foolish things. 

Inflation seems to be cooling, while the labor market stays solid. That’s indicative of a near-soft landing for the Federal Reserve and the American economy. If it sustains. Only time can tell, but indications seem solid. 

Regional banks are also pushing back into ‘confidence territory’ as the one remaining headwind is commercial real estate – and the market/realty version of a ‘bank run’, meaning leaseholders don’t need as much office space as pre-pandemic expectations. 

Tech-sector layoffs continue, but that ‘social contagion’ seems to be slowly spreading into other sectors. (Sometimes, the mere mention of a recession is enough cover for corporations to trim their payrolls.)

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