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Monstrous Alligator Captured In Mississippi and Breaks New State Record

Everglades Alligator

Photo: lathuric / iStock / Getty Images

Photo: Facebook screengrab from Red Antler Processing

A whole lotta gator! A massive alligator was captured by some hunters in Mississippi out in the Yazoo River.

The reptile weighed at an astonishing 802.5 pounds with a belly girth of 66 inches and 14 feet, three inches.

So, it's practically a dinosaur at this point as it broke a new state record.

In 2017, a different gator held the top spot as it came at a whopping 766.5 pounds!

The group of hunters found the hunting adventure exhausting as they struggled to capture the beast.

Alligator hunting season in public waters is from Aug. 25 to Sept. 4 in Mississippi. The state first offered alligator sport hunting in 2005.

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