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Fraudulent Lux-Festival, Fyre Festival Is Back! Are You Snagging Tickets?

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Photo: Shannon Fagan / Photodisc / Getty Images

Some people will just NEVER learn from their past mistakes... Certainly not co-founder of the fraudulent and bougie FYRE Festival’s Billy McFarland!

The Infamous music festival that turned out to be a shady scam– is getting a second chance, with the distribution of tickets for a second attempt with ticket sales available now for FYRE Festival II

This comes as McFarland, the man behind the flopped festival and rapper, Ja Rule whom promoted the influencer-infused festival in 2017 out in the Caribbean. 

Which caused more than $26 million in losses when it was cancelled over inadequate accommodation, of food, water, shelter and transportation!

The power of social media created havoc as news outlets showcased the horrific conditions that the festival-goers had to experience and the rest is history!

Ja Rule was cleared of wrongdoing over the Fyre festival disaster in 2019, a year after McFarland was jailed.

But, for those risk-takers or individuals that suffer from F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) the announcement of FYRE festival II is exciting news!!

The first 100 tickets are on sale now and cost $499 but prices are due to increase as more tickets sell. Tickets yet to be released cost between $799 and $7,999.
A disclaimer on the website says: “FFII date is subject to change. Pre-events and pop-ups to be announced, but Fyre will host a minimum of four events prior to FFII.”

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