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Call it a Comeback, Retired Monopoly Token Return

After a vote was taken regarding Monopoly tokens, fans have voted in favor of the return of the beloved and long-missed Thimble token.

“The thimble is making a comeback!” shared game officials on their Instagram Tuesday. “I repeat, the thimble is making a comeback!”

Pump the breaks on the excitement, however, as with the reintroduction of the Thimble, another piece must take its leave. The T-Rex will bow out from rotation in games being produced moving forward to make room for the Thimble in its stead.

“And just like that, the players have made the T-Rex token extinct,” game officials lamented. “Pick up your copy of Monopoly with the current token lineup (including the T-Rex) today before that giant meteor comes crashing down.”

The “Monopoly Throwback Token Vote” was launched by Hasbro, Inc. last month, enabling fans to make the decision as to which of the iconic retired pieces would make its triumphant return. The choices included the thimble, wheelbarrow, iron, boot, horse & rider or the money bag.

In a clean sweep back in 2017, the boot, wheelbarrow and thimble were all removed from an updated version of the board game. Replacing them were the T-Rex, a penguin and a rubber ducky.

Back on March 19th, 1935, the Parker Brothers acquired the rights to the board game and right then and there was its inception. Since then, an estimated 1 billion people have taken their laps around the board, collecting their $200 for passing ‘GO’ and stashing their Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Cards. And if you’re me, having spent countless hours waiting for your sister to finally best you.

The original version of the game offered 10 tokens consisting of the iron, purse, lantern, racecar, thimble, shoe, top hat, battleship, cannon and a rocking horse.

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