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Mom finds drugs inside her child's Happy Meal

This mother was not lovin' it.

A mother found drugs inside her son's Happy Meal from a McDonald's drive-thru in Auburn, Maine.

The mother, Shirlee Marchesseault, said, "it was a pen and four packets of Suboxone."
Marchesseault said that she'd never heard of Suboxone, but after a quick "Google" search, learned it's a prescription drug used to treat opioid addiction.

"The Suboxone was, like, on the bottom of the box," Marchesseault said. "You could see the white packets sticking out."

She didn't discover the drugs until she had left the McDonald's and after her son had eaten most of the Happy Meal.

"My blood was boiling," Marchesseault said. "I didn't even know what to do at that point, so I called the police."

She went back to the McDonald's, where an officer met her to take a statement.

"I'm just wondering like, 'How often does this happen?'" Marchesseault said. "It shouldn't be in the hands of any child. It's dangerous."

Her son didn't get into the drugs, and Auburn police are working with the McDonald's to determine the source of the Suboxone.

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