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Texas woman allegedly rams car into liquor store trying to hit lover

A wild video caught a Texas woman allegedly ramming her car into a liquor store, then backing up and striking a pedestrian and multiple cars - all in an attempt to run down her lover!


As you can see, Annie Williams, 58, was arrested by police in Irving, Texas, for allegedly trying to run over her male partner twice while intoxicated.

In the video, Williams allegedly missed her intended target and smashed her black Chrysler SUV through the windows of the liquor store, hitting a pedestrian and then four parked cars.

"What the f**k just went on?!," a stunned witness said.

After the attempted attack on her lover, Williams allegedly fled in her car but was taken into custody nearby shortly after.

Williams is currently in police custody and faces aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, evading arrest, DWI, and criminal mischief charges.

The NBC report also said that the pedestrian that was hit suffered a broken ankle, and the liquor store incurred about $25,000 worth of damage.

So, what's the moral of the story here?
If your relationship turns sour, don't turn to booze and try to ram them over. Just break up with them the old-fashioned way.

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