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Murder suspect crashes into big rig, ending a dangerous pursuit

As a man who was wanted in connection to a murder led authorities on a lengthy chase across SoCal, a big rig truck driver decided to take action on Tuesday night.

Ahmed Shabaan, the big rig truck driver, said that he tried to end the dangerous pursuit by blocking the path of the murder suspect. Shabaan said that he knew a murder suspect was involved in the chase. So he tracked the driver, lined his big rig truck so the suspect's truck would smash into him near an intersection in the Pomona area.

"I just thought to get him off the street," Shabaan explained.

A passenger in the truck was taken into custody, was questioned, then later released.

The passenger, Roxy Rich, says the chase started around 5:30 p.m. in Temecula. Roxy was surprised to learn the driver, who's a friend of hers, was wanted for murder.

Roxy spoke candidly in what seemed to be an impromptu press conference.

She said that her friend, who's the murder suspect, is an honest man and knows him enough to know he's not a person to murder someone.

The chase was so erratic to where the suspect drove onto a sidewalk, came close to hitting other cars, and ignored red lights to stop.

After the murder suspect crashed, he was taken to a hospital to be checked out, while Roxy refused treatment.

Riverside County deputies and California Highway Patrol units were involved in the pursuit.

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