Coffee In Cars In A Whole New Way!

The Ford Motor Company wants you to have some coffee in your car. Not in a cup. Not for drinking. Ford is partnering with McDonald's to use coffee waste to make headlamp housings.

McDonald's goes through a bunch of coffee every year. When coffee is processed so you can pour it down your gullet, thwe skin of the beans is removed. This "chaff" used to be garbage, but now millions of pounds of coffee waste are turned into mulch or charcoal every year. Turns out that by heating the chaff to high temperatures under specific conditions, it can be mixed with plastics and formed into various shapes to reinforce vehicle parts.

By using otherwise discarded McDonald's coffee chaff, Ford can make some products around 20-percent lighter and provide up to 25-percent energy savings during the molding process. McDonald's plans to divert a large portion of the coffee chaff produced by roasters to Ford to be incorporated into vehicle parts. So do you take your headlight with cream and sugar?


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