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Gas Pump Still Charging People Despite Not Being In Use

There's very few things in life that can make a community come together.

Paying for gas that we aren't using when prices are already HIGH enough is one of those moments an angry community will come together.

According to a customer 's video at an Arco AM-PM gas station in Hacienda Heights, customers were continuing to get charged for fuel that wasn't being pumped,

Being in complete disbelief Victor Urena posted videos and pictures to Facebook to warn others of the problem.

He added the following caption to his Facebook post:

"With gas prices at the highest in recent years, we do not need gas stations ripping us off like this!!! When I complained and demanded a refund, they refused, even after I showed them the video. Happened at Arco AMPM in Hacienda Heights on Colima and Azusa!!!"

The owner of this AM-PM confirmed that they've requested a technician on sight to inspect the pumps and that the city is sending an investigator to check the pumps as well. He did confirm that that no other customers experienced similar issues.

Can you believe this?

Gas prices in California are already RIDICULOUS. We don't need to be charged for gas we aren't even using.

For more information, please read here.

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