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Prosthetic Leg Found Is Returned To Skydiver After He Lost It During Jump

Well this is definitely a wild turn of events.

When workers were working in their lumberyard, they were caught off guard when they found a prosthetic leg with a blue Nike attached to it. The workers were unaware of what to do and ended up reporting the unusual find to the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department.

Once the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department retrieved the leg, the released a written statement hoping to find the leg's rightful owner.

“(A) deputy gathered the intact leg, checked the area and contacted some folks at the nearby airport,” the statement said.

After searching, the deputies were ultimately able to contact the prosthetic leg's owner, who has been identified as "Dion", and returned to him his leg.

“Turns out that an amputee went skydiving yesterday and his leg fell off in mid-flight from about 10,000 feet up,” the statement said. The man and his friends had gone looking for the leg, but couldn’t find it.

But there's a twist.

This isn't the first time Dion lost his leg skydiving.

Two years ago he lost his first leg in a freak skydiving accident.

What a guy. Despite losing his leg already to skydiving, he didn't let that hold him back.

Dion was obviously delighted to receive his 15,000 prosthetic leg back and is thankful it didn't hurt anyone or cause any damage.

“He promises to make a tether and learn from this, but fully plans to stick with his passion,” the statement said. “Good luck Dion!! Great spirit!!!”

Who would've thought?

Would you go skydiving again risking a third time of losing your leg?

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