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Man Blames His Car Crash On A Cat....The Police Say It Was Alcohol

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Look, I know driving with pets can be difficult.

However, I am not down for owners blaming their pets for their mistakes.

It's not fair, they can't defend themselves and that's why this Northwest Indiana man is cruel.

Because not only is he blaming a pet, it's not even HIS own pet.

It was a stray cat.

David R. Sutphin was just in a crash last week and when speaking to the police about the cause he blamed his cat.

He said he saw a cat running across the exit ramp and to prevent himself from hitting the cat, it caused him to crash.

But Trooper William Carlson, a trained Drug Recognition Evaluator, noticed signs of impairment on Sutphin, state police said.

I can't really fathom this story.

What a dumb excuse. Did he really think the cops were going to buy that?

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