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Humans Aren't Getting Enough Sleep And It's Killing Us

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Time to head home and take a nap!

Be sure to show your boss this study, because according to neuroscientist Matthew Walker humans are not getting enough sleep and it's causing serious damage to our health.

“The decimation of sleep throughout industrialized nations is having a catastrophic impact on our health, our wellness, even the safety and education of our children. It’s a silent sleep loss epidemic. It’s fast becoming one of the greatest challenges we face in the 21st century,” Walker, an expert in sleep at UC Berkeley and author of the best-selling book Why We Sleep, told his TED audience.

We all complain that we're always tired.

But we're part of the problem. We stay up late binge watching, scrolling through social media, or going out with our friends. We live our lives with the unspoken motto, "Who needs sleep when we could be having fun?"

Well, based off this study by Walker, I really think we need to change our lives.

According to Dr. Walker, being sleep deprived makes us dumber, more forgetful, unable to learn new things, more vulnerable to memory loss, a higher likely of dying by a heart attack, the inability to fight off sickness, more likely to get cancer, AND literal body pain.

I mean GOSH!! I don't think anyone realized how bad not sleeping is. It's doesn't stop with that list either. It continues on.

Lack of sleep distorts our genes, increases our risk of death, disrupts the creation of sex hormones, and can lead to premature aging.

Sadly for men, those who sleep five hours compared to those who sleep are more inclined to be less endowed.

So you know the deal, put that phone down, turn off the TV, and get home at a reasonable time.

You NEED your sleep!

For more information on this study, please visit here.

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