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Firefighters Push Disabled Veteran Home After Wheelchair Battery Dies

This is the type of story I needed today.

Faith in humanity is restored.

A group of Missouri firefighters took time out of their day and assisted a disabled veteran home. Sadly the veteran's electric wheelchair battery died, leaving him stranded far from home.

Despite the heat, the three firefighters pushed him home for over seven blocks.

A video was shared to Facebook by the Raytown Fire Protection District and quickly spread across the internet.

"What happens when a fire truck comes upon a citizen whose electric wheelchair has stopped working, you get out and help them home," the department wrote on Facebook.

In a separate interview, deputy chief Mike Hunley said the elderly veteran's wheelchair got stuck in muddy grass as his battery began to die. Once the firefighters helped him get home, they assisted in making sure his chair was being recharged.

These are the type of stories in life we need to see more of.

People like this give me more hope in humans.

Thank you to those sweet firefighters for your assistance.

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