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All The Different Ways You Can Enjoy Your Peeps

Easter is here! But who cares?

Not Bill Handel.

He's only interested in the PEEPS because they are his favorite candy of all time.

But this holiday season, there's a new trend for these candies.

People are using them to specialize other food products and make them unique.

Some of them desperately need to be gone.

Some aren't that bad.

No matter how you feel about peeps. These combinations will definitely make you feel some type of way because no matter what you either LOVE peeps or you HATE them. There's no in-between.

I don't know about you, but this may be one of the worst combinations I've ever seen in my life.

Why just WHY would anyone ruin pizza?

Pizza is one of man's greatest inventions.

There is NO need to add peeps.

Just look at the pictures above, it looks disgusting.

I can't understand why this was even a thought.

Now this is something I can get behind of!

Dylan's candy bar is selling a peeps milkshake.

This makes sense. It's sweet and looks so cute.

I mean can you imagine how good it tastes>

We need more peeps combinations like this.

Peeps cereal.

Peeps for breakfast.

Not bad, not really my vibe but some people like sweet cereal.

This is a limited edition cereal and can only be found in select stores.

Last but not least....

Peeps Beer.

Reinvention Brewing in Upstate New York is now brewing the "Peep Show IPA".

“I was looking to do something seasonal and try something out of my wheelhouse -- a Milkshake IPA,”Reinvention owner/brewer George Aldrich said.

I'm not to sure about this one, but it does intrigue me.

I may have to have a sip or two one day.

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