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SoCal Honda Is Giving Away Free Gas

One of the most frustrating things in the world is gas prices.

We live in a world where we're forced to drive.

Los Angeles is one of the worst cities with useful public transportation.

So when gas prices continue to rise, it makes us mad.

Four dollars for a gallon of gas is too much.

There's just comes a line, where enough is enough.

But here we are.... still paying for gas.

However, SoCal Honda is here to save the day!

In honor of Earth month they are offering hybrids an opportunity to get FREE gas.

It doesn't matter what hybrids you have, they're still giving any hybrid that rolls through the chance to get filled up.

This promotion will continue on until April 22.

Be sure to follow @HelpfulHonda on Twitter to get the latest on their next location.

When you're there be sure to thank your helpful Honda person.

They're saving you from a dreaded gas fill up bill.

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