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SNL's Cold Open Pokes Fun At All The Recent Celebrity Criminal Charges

We all know and appreciate Saturday Night Live.

They're the best in the business.

They also don't shy away from making fun of some of the lead National stories of the week.

In the past week, we all heard of the additional charges added to Lori Loughlin in her participation in the college admissions scandal, Michael Avenatti's scam of his clients and Julian Assange's arrest with his connection to Wiki Leaks.

With the current looks out it, these three people are looking to serve some jail time for their crimes.

This is where Saturday Night Live comes in.

To start off their show this weekend, they dedicated their cold open to a skit of what these celebrities will experience in jail.

They all debate who's the craziest of them all and poke fun at their crimes.

It was only a matter of time before we saw a visual imagination of Aunt Becky in jail.

Now we can't erase the image from our mind.

Let yourself enjoy a good laugh.

Start your week off right and watch the video above.

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