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Multiple "Game Of Thrones" Fans Experienced Outages During the Premiere

Winter. Is. Here

The anticipation for the "Game Of Thrones" season 8 premiere was intense.

Fans waited over two years for the concluding season of the hit show to finally air on HBO.

Due to the age of social media, spoilers are always on the internet.

Multiple people thrive on ruining shows online for others.

To prevent this, many fans went to watch the show right as it was premiering.

However, there was a problem that occurred.

Hulu Plus, HBO Go, and Charter Spectrum all experienced an outage right as the show was premiering.

I can't imagine how that feels.

Getting so close to the premiere just for it to go out.

I mean what a way to have your patience tested.

It's not confirmed what caused this outages, but it's easy to assume that the large traffic of people caused the systems to shutdown.

Here's to hoping Hulu Plus, HBO Go, and Charter Spectrum figures this out all before next week so this doesn't have to occur every Sunday.

If not, these fans may send the white walkers on them.

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