Girl Scout Rap Goes Viral!

A 10-year-old Girl Scout who describes herself as a self-described entrepreneur-in-training, has been selling cookies half her life. She quickly learned the difficulties of selling cookies. To shake and bake things up a bit, she came up with a viral hit - a rap!

Kayla "Kiki" Paschall's rap, which is set to the tune of Cardi B's "Money," has been retweeted over 20,000 times in just two days!

She said she landed on the idea after she went through several trials and errors. She said, "sometimes people [would] say that they're on a diet so they don't buy cookies, other times they'll be like, 'oh, I already bought some."

Kiki and her mom devised a plan to pick up the momentum's of Cardi B's hit, and push their product.

Once they did the Cardi B remake, the money came fast. They posted the remake on Friday, and the goal was met the very next day.

To learn more about Kiki and her troop, visit their Instagram page .


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