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The U.S. Air Force Get New Uniform!

The United States Air Force has made a new uniform that is now available to all of its members!
The new uniform features the same pattern as those worn by some members in combat.

The pattern itself is known as Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP), which is already worn or owned by 100,000 airmen - this includes those deployed in the Middle East. The pattern is also worn by the U.S. Army.

As of right now, the new uniforms are optional to wear, but will be mandatory by April 2021.

The uniforms are designed to better blend in to various environments and fit in with other soldiers on the battlefield.

And, so far, many of the airmen are liking them!

It feels like pajamas?
Just don't go sleeping on the battlefield...

The Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein said in a statement, "this celebrates joint warfighting excellence as OCPs will become the joint combat uniform for Airmen and Soldiers while patches and nametapes will identify our respective services."

The Air Force uniform will have its own specific features, which includes a spice-brown colored name tape, tan t-shirts and belts.

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