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Mom Receives Death Threats After Dunking Son's Head In Toilet

A Florida mom is facing death threats after that video showed her son's head getting dunked in a toilet. The mother, Kaitlyn Wolf, said that it was not what it looked like!

Wolf said that it was only a joke when she gave the 3-year-old son a "swirly."
She also said that he wasn't screaming, but laughing instead in the video.

How did the video get around?

She sent it to her babysitter, who then sent it to someone else, in which that person posted it on Facebook.

The video received immense reaction on Facebook.
"They've threatened to kill me, murder me, shove my head in a toilet, bury me halfway alive, cut my head off," Wolf said.

In her defense she said that her son was not being tortured and his face didn't even get wet.

Why did she "joke" in this manner with her son?

Well, she said she wanted to discipline him by making him wash his mouth with soap, but went with this instead...

Ummm... okay?

Oh, and who took the video of the whole incident?
Her 10-year-old son.

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