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Zina Bash Accused Of 'White Power' Gesture

Images and video spread like wildfire of a woman seated behind Supreme Court candidate, Brett Kavanaugh, making a gesture with her hand that is being interpreted as a 'white supremacy' sign.

The woman, Zina Bash, a Washington D.C. attorney and former law clerk for Kavanaugh, prepped Kavanaugh for the hearing and has been seen with him frequently. She appeared to make an "OK" gesture, but several people are saying that it's a symbol for white supremacy.

Zina's husband, John Bash, said it was nothing and stepped in to defend her.

Images of well-known white supremacist, Richard Spencer, can be seen making the same symbol. This has added to the debate of the symbol being one of white supremacy.

Mark Pitcavage, a current Anti-Defamation League researcher, had this to say in response:

The ADL has disagreed with the legitimacy of the symbol as one of white supremacy. They've stated that suggestions from social media users saying it carries a racist meaning is just the "latest hoax from members of [the] notorious website 4chan."

However, others have also taken to Twitter to say the whole thing was blown out of proportion!

So, what do you think? Did Zina make a 'white supremacy' gesture? Is it credible that this gesture is one of white supremacy?

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