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Man on Vaycay in Ibiza Gets Pranked with... Dissolving Swim Trunks!

No. No. No.
Pills or drugs or whatever Mike Posner took in Ibiza weren't involved in this prank... I mean, not that we know of anyways.

Nevertheless, a pretty hilarious prank was pulled on a British man when a group of his friends gifted him with a pair of dissolving swim trunks.

Lee Kenny was splashing around while on vacation with his wife and group of friends when he realized something was wrong with his trunks.

**WARNING: The Facebook video below contains slightly graphic language, but mainly out-of-control laughter.**

"My shorts are broke! My shorts are broke!" he says in the video. One of the prankster friends innocently bursts out laughing asking, "What did you do?"

Once Lee realizes what's going on, he gets out of the pool trying to find some cover. He holds up some remains of the dissolving trunks as he heads for the hotel. Even a staff member tries to aid him with cover with a drink tray!

One of his friends, Rachel Whittaker, told UNILAD the group of friends had planned the entire thing before their vacation started.

Rachel said, "My husband had heard about some 'dissolvable swim shorts' and thought it would be funny to set up our friend. Everyone was in on the dissolvable swim shorts secret, except for Lee and his wife. We didn't want to risk her letting it slip."

They got the pair of shorts from "Little Wedding Treasures" and had them custom-made with Lee's initials so as to make it appear as a legit gift.
"Lee took great enjoyment in showing off to the lads how special and important he was for having such great shorts. [He] proudly arrived at the pool with no idea what was about to happen," she said.

Lee, like a good sport, did return to the pool with working non-dissolving swim trunks.

If you want to pull your own 'dissolving swim trunks' prank, they're on sale for $38.87! Again, you can custom-make them with the victim's name, nickname, or whatever to make the prank really legit.

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