First Responders Get Video Guide For Those Exposed To Fentanyl

U.S. federal agencies came together and created a video with the goal to help teach first responders what to do if they are ever exposed to the drug, fentanyl.

The video, "Fentanyl: The Real Deal," was a collaboration between the Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Health, and several other agencies.

The guidance in the video says that fentanyl can come in many forms; however, the most common forms the drug comes in are pills and powder.

Now in the case if a first responder inhales the powder form, they are most likely to notice it rather than if it touches their skin.

What if you're around a first responder dealing with fentanyl?
Wear gloves, avoid the powder, and wear eye protection so as to reduce the risk of receiving the harmful effects the drug has.

If exposed, don't touch your face, don't use hand sanitizer, but instead to wash your hands.
That is your P.S.A.

Bill Handel

Bill Handel

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