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LAPD Releases Bodycam Footage Between Ex-UCLA Player & Police

***Warning: This video does contain graphic content and language. Viewer discretion is advised.***

LAPD has released video that shows the moments before officers said former UCLA basketball player and NBA star, Tyler Honeycutt, took his own life in a Sherman Oaks home.

The video, which is 11 minutes long, is taken from an officer's body cam just as gunfire erupts. The shooting happened in early July and it all began with Honeycutt's mother calling 911 after she was concerned for her son's mental well-being.

She tells the 911 operator, "Listen. I need - I need somebody quickly. The police, an ambulance - whatever. My son's having a psychotic break. He has guns in the house."

The police quickly arrived at the home and tried to calm her down, while also trying to reason with the former basketball player. To no avail, he chose to open fire on the officers.

Honeycutt wouldn't come out of the house, but they could see him through a window walking around holding the gun.

"I'm just trying to resolve this as peacefully as possible," the officer said.

15 minutes later, a SWAT team arrived, in which they also tried to communicate with Honeycutt before entering the home.

When they finally entered the home, they found Honeycutt dead due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Investigators are still sorting out if the officer's use of force was justified.

Tyler Honeycutt attended Sylmar High School, went on to attend UCLA, and then was drafted by the Sacramento Kings. He played for the Kings for two seasons and a stint with the Houston Rockets before taking his talent abroad.

Honeycutt was 27-years-old, had no criminal record nor a history of mental illness.

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