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Unconscious Man Dragged Off Metro Train In Long Beach

It's a really sad statement that people are more concerned about being late than making sure a fellow human being is ok.

That seems to be what happened in a video now going viral that was taken on the Metro Blue Line in Long Beach.

On Wednesday night, a guy in a suit was riding the train when another man apparently vomited and had a seizure and fell unconscious just before arriving at the Wardlow station.  

Once they arrived at the station, the guy in the suit apparently decided to pull the unconscious man from his seat and drag him off the train and on to the platform.

As he drags the man off, the man's pants fall down, leaving him partially exposed for a moment. The guy in the suit pulls up his pants, then goes back on the train, grabs the bags that were next to the man he just dragged off, asks someone to "Please hold the door" and tosses the bags onto the platform.

Another rider heard passengers confronting the guy in the suit when he allegedly first pulled the unconscious man from his seat at the stop.  So he started recording on his phone and caught the man in the suit as he was dragging the unconscious man off the train.  

The man recording the video says: 

"Dude just had a seizure. This white boy is gonna drag him off the damn train so he don't miss his ride."

The man in the suit tries to explain himself saying:

"There are a lot of people on this train that have to get home."

After a few minutes, the man in the suit gets off the train to check on the man he dragged off, and the guy taking the video continued to confront him:

"Don't act like you give a f**k now, you're the one who dragged him off the train."

The man in the suit says:

 "I thought he might be drunk."

The man taking the video says:

"It don't matter what the f**k you thought. He had a f***ing seizure. You had no right to put your f***king hands on him."  

Then he says:

"White Motherf***ers think they can do whatever they want."

According to KCAL9 the train was delayed at the platform while they waited for paramedics at arrive.

The unconscious man was taken to the hospital, where his condition is listed as 'stable.'

The man in the suit hasn't been identified and there's no word on whether or not he might face charges. 

You can see an unedited version of the video (once the man's pants are pulled up) below...WARNING...OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE. 

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