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The Calexit People Have A New Idea

The Calexit activists are pretty clear about what they want.

They want California to secede from the U.S.

In fact, the California Secretary of State said back in April that they could begin collecting signatures from voters to put on the 2021 ballot the question, 'Should California secede from the U.S.?'

They need to collect 365,880 signatures by October 17th for that.  But, according to Marcus Ruiz, President of Yes California, they're moving away from that effort because they have something they want to add to it.

Something they're calling an "autonomous native nation within a new independent state."

Here's the announcement they posted on their website: 


Calexit no longer means only the independence of California from the United States but it now includes the retrocession of federal lands in California back to California’s Native Americans in what will become the first-ever autonomous Native American nation-state in North America.

Apparently, Calexit organizers were heavily criticized because they weren't doing enough for Native Americans with their original proposal, after all, California is home to more Native Americans than anywhere else.   

So, they came up with this NEW idea, in which California still secedes from the U.S. but, in addition to that, the state would be bisected to return through 'retrocession,' 'virtually all' federal land to Native Americans. 

The Calexit organizers say they haven't yet approached Native American groups about the idea yet, but they plan to 'soon'.

You can check out the new proposal for yourself  HERE

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