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Cop Rock And Saved Swans!

It's a good news double header today. 

First up: A cool cop:

Vinyl Ambush is a teenage band in Canada.

They were playing an outdoor birthday party when the police showed up.

Of course, the kids assumed that the cops were going to shut it down.

The cops, however, just told them to turn their amps down a bit. Then they stayed and listened to  couple of songs.

That was cool enough, but what happened next was amazing: The cops came back and the kids were certain they were going to shut the party down. Instead, one of the officers asked if he could JAM WITH THE BAND!

And he did:

The officer even gave them some advice about pursing a career in music.

This whole thing was way better than the other Cop Rock:

And now, a great tale of a boy and a bird: 

Joshy Martin is a 15 year old boy from Australia and his Aunt runs an animal refuge.

One day Joshy heard about a swan caught in a fishing line. He rushed to the scene and then saved the swan with mouth to mouth resuscitation. Well, technically, mouth to beak.

Don't believe it? Well here's the video!

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