Huge Brawl Takes Place At A Golden Corral Over Steak

What would you do if your local “Golden Corral” ran out of steak?! Well – at a “Golden Corral” in Bensalem, Pennsylvania a massive brawl broke out after a customer went crazy after he realized that the buffet ran out of steak. 

According to Bensalem police, the brawl began following an argument amongst a few customers. The brawl then turned into more than 40 people getting involved. Bensalem police are still looking into a motive as to what exactly caused the argument and what caused so many people to get involved. 

Dylan Becker, a former employee of the Bensalem Golden Corral said that nothing like this has ever taken place at his former place of employment. He added that a current employee told him that the initial altercation began over steak. He said, 

“From what I heard it was over steak, apparently somebody cut in line.” 

Another former employee, Gavin Lauletta, also detailed information they obtained about the altercation. He said: 

“There was a shortage of steak and two parties were involved and one family cut in front of another family, they were taking their time and they ran out of steak and it got into a heated exchange at the tables,” 

The video seen on a local CBS News shows the melee and how intense it got. You see chairs flying, people fighting, just like a scene in a movie. It was wild. 

JK Hospitality, LLC – the Golden Corral franchisee said in a statement, 

“Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported. The safety of our guests and co-workers is our top priority.” 

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