NY McDonald's manager sold cocaine in meal bags

McDonald's fries. 

Arguably the grand-daddies of all fast-food French Fries.  

They're pretty much perfect.

Frank Guerrero, however, a shift manager at a New York McDonald's felt the golden morsels were missing something.  Check out the picture below, and see if you can spot the difference!

We know what you're thinking.  What's with the large bag of rock salt next to the fries?

Unfortunately, O' naive little lambs:  THAT'S NOT ROCK SALT.  

It's a bag of cocaine.

Undercover police in Bronx New York were able to bust Guerrero's drug distribution scheme following a three-month investigation, which also led them to the suspect's house and a larger stash of 200 grams of cocaine.

Read more of this story over at Fox 5 New York

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