Judge Approves Liquidation Of Alex Jones' Assets To Pay Sandy Hook Families

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A Texas bankruptcy court judge has approved the liquidation of Alex Jones' personal assets. This move sets the stage for repayment to the families of Sandy Hook shooting victims, to whom Jones owes over $1 billion in damages for spreading false information about the 2012 school massacre.

Last week, Jones agreed to convert his personal bankruptcy into a Chapter 7 liquidation, a move that Judge Christopher Lopez approved on Friday (June 14). This ruling could lead to the end of Infowars, the influential empire Jones founded in the late 1990s.

"This is probably the end of Infowars here very, very soon," Jones told reporters before entering the bankruptcy court in Houston. However, he added, "It's just the beginning of my fight against tyranny."

The court is also considering liquidating Jones' company, Free Speech Systems, the parent company of Infowars, to pay the judgments to the Sandy Hook families. The families have argued that there is "no prospect" the company could produce a proper reorganization plan under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which would allow the company to remain operational through its restructuring.

The process of shutting down Infowars could play out quickly. A court-appointed trustee would be tasked with securing the assets and then selling off Jones' media empire, including the website, studio space, and broadcasting equipment. The proceeds from the sale will go towards the approximately $1.5 billion in judgments won by the Sandy Hook families.

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