Torrance Police Bloodhound Tracks Down Robbery Suspect

Police Line

Photo: 400tmax / iStock / Getty Images

TORRANCE (CNS) - A woman suspected of robbery was taken into custody after being found by a police bloodhound, which traced her scent to an area in Torrance, police said Thursday.

The officer and her K-9 partner responded to a robbery at a business near the 3400 block of Torrance Boulevard around 11:50 a.m. Tuesday, according to Torrance Police Department Sgt. Ron Salary. A woman entered the business and asked to look at a bottle of an alcoholic beverage.

"While the victim was holding the bottle of alcohol, the suspect grabbed it, and a struggle ensued," Salary said in a statement.

The suspect fled the business with the stolen merchandise, prompting a search of the area.

Salary said the police bloodhound, Tango, was deployed and provided a sent sample of the suspect. The dog was able to lead officers to a location where the woman was hiding, according to police.

"Tango is capable of following scent trails that are more than 300 hours old," Salary said.

The woman was taken into custody without incident.

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