Youth Pastor Accused Of Filming Girls As Young As 14 Showering In Bathroom

Daniel Kellan Mayfield, 35

Photo: Greenwood County Sheriff's Office

The congregation at a church in South Carolina is devastated after learning that a youth pastor was accused of filming videos of women in the bathroom at the church.

The Greenwood County Sheriff's Office said that Daniel Kellan Mayfield, 35, who was a youth pastor at Gowensville Baptist Church, was charged with five counts of first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of voyeurism.

Authorities arrested Mayfield after a woman reported seeing him alone in her mother's backyard. The woman realized something was amiss when she saw a light on outside the bathroom window.

Mayfield confessed to filming the woman while she was showering. Investigators searched his phone and found at least five other victims, including a 14-year-old girl dating back to July 2022. At least three of the videos were recorded in a bathroom at the church.

The church said that Mayfield was fired as soon as they learned of his arrest.

"You would never think someone you know — that's like a family, because that's what our church is, it's like a family — you would never think something so devastating would happen in that little circle of people," church member Isabella Godfry told WYFF.

Mayfield was denied bail and remains locked up until his next court hearing.

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