CA Gets $1.1 Billion Grant To Keep Last Nuclear Plant Open

PG&E power lines running through the Feather River Canyon.

Photo: Getty Images

Pacific Gas & Electric is getting a $1.1 billion government grant to keep California's last nuclear power plant running.

The Diable Canyon plant is currently scheduled to go offline permanently by the year 2025... But Gov. Gavin Newsom is hoping to keep it operating for at least another five years...

The money comes from the federal infrastructure bill passed by Congress last year.

“It is a good choice for the state of California — and for frankly the planet — that a well-performing plant like Diablo Canyon could continue to serve, PG&E Chief Executive Patti Poppe said in an interview.

FYI - Diablo Canyon provides just roughly 8% of California's electricity.

“This is a critical step toward ensuring that our domestic nuclear fleet will continue providing reliable and affordable power to Americans as the nation’s largest source of clean electricity,” U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said in a written statement.

Check out more details on the Los Angeles Times.

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