LA's Highland Park Neighborhood Receives $5M for Community Enhancements

Driving car stopping front of scared female pedestrian, human factor, accident

Photo: Getty Images

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - City Councilman Kevin de León announced $5 million in funding today for the Heart of Highland Park initiative, which aims to enhance the neighborhood for pedestrians.

The funds were previously intended to extend the 710 Freeway, but the money will instead be used for improvements to the Highland Park community. The specific improvements will be chosen by a community advisory working group appointed by de León.

``As council member for the local communities, I come through this area daily and I recognize that we need to improve our streets and sidewalks for the seniors, parents, students, and others who rely on these corridors for safe passage,'' de León said in a statement.

Improvements could include new sidewalks, street lighting, street trees and improvements around the Veterans Monument, according to de León's office.

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