The Most Influential Entrepreneurs

It’s hard not to be impressed by billionaire entrepreneurs we see on TV and in the news daily, but who do people look up to the most? Well, a new poll set out to discover just that.

  • A new survey by Herbalife Nutrition, conducted by OnePoll, asked 2,000 Americans who they felt were the most influential modern entrepreneurs.
  • They wanted to know which ones made the biggest positive impact on society.
  • Topping the list was Microsoft founder Bill Gates, receiving 21% of the vote.
  • He was followed by:
    • Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (18%)
    • Apple’s Steve Jobs (18%)
    • SpaceX/Tesla’s Elon Musk (17%)
    • Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg 17%
    • Oprah Winfrey (15%)
    • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-founder Melinda Gates (14%)
    • Walmart/Sam’s Club’s Sam Walton (13%)
    • Google’s Larry Page (12%)
    • CNN’s Ted Turner (11%)
    • Even some pop stars made the list including Beyonce (9%) and Rihanna (9%).
  • The poll also found that 48% of Americans think modern entrepreneurs are more influential than their historical counterparts.
  • Only 20% say the opposite.
  • A third of Americans look at entrepreneurs as role models.
  • But even though folks admit the positive impact entrepreneur’s make, only 38% of people say they pay attention to the headlines they make.
  • As for what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, folks say it takes:
    • Specific character traits (19%)
    • Having one great idea (15%)
    • A commitment to hard work (14%) 

Source: SWNS Digital

Photo: Getty Images

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