Motorcyclist Arrested After Posting Video That Showed Him Driving 161 MPH

An Ontario man who posted a video online to boast that his motorcycle could hit speeds of more than 161 miles per hour is getting more attention than he likely bargained for...

Custom motorcycle burnout on a black background

Photo: Getty Images

Newmarket resident Danial Loganathan, 27, was taken into custody on Friday, just days after he posted clips of himself speeding around the city on Instagram and TikTok, authorities say.

In one of the videos, Loganathan can be seen weaving in and out of traffic on a York Region highway while his speedometer reads 260 kilometers per hour.

"Thanks to a York Regional Police investigation and tips from the public, he’s facing several dangerous driving and stunt driving charges," a statement released by police read.

The statement even included a photo that showed Loganathan's motorcycle being towed away...

If he's convicted, Loganathan faces a fine of $10,000.

Read the full report on CTV News.

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