Highway From LA To Phoenix Blocked By Flood Damage

It looks like Los Angeles residents who were planning to drive to Phoenix will have to either reschedule their trips, or purchase airline tickets...

Flood Zone Ahead Warning Sign

Photo: Getty Images

Flash flooding on Wednesday washed out parts of Interstate 10, the main highway that connects Los Angeles to Phoenix. Although westbound lanes reopened early Thursday, the route from L.A. to Phoenix remained impassable in some locations late Thursday afternoon.

What's more, is the National Weather Service is predicting more flooding before Friday -- meaning it could be a while before the roadway will be cleared for use again, according to the California Department of Transportation.

The news comes just weeks after floodwaters swept through California's Death Valley, shutting down roads and leaving hundreds of visitors stranded in the area. In that case, it took the Department of Transportation two weeks to make roads passable again...

Check out more details on FOX 10.

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