Australian Artist Selling McDonald's Pickle Art... For Over $6K

Art comes in many forms... even through fast food!

McDonald's Sign

Photo: Getty Images

Australian artist Matthew Griffin currently has his 'fast food artwork' displayed at an Auckland gallery.

The art?

A single McDonald's pickle on a white roof...

The piece-aptly named "Pickle" is up for sale... for over $6 thousand!!!

“People don’t have to think it’s art if they don’t want to. Anything can be an artwork, but not everything is," Fine Arts Sydney Director Ryan Moore said. “That’s often part of the point... Meaning and value are things that we as humans create together – in art or any other part of life. What makes an artwork is when whatever an artist makes or does is able to be used as art: when the object or action is thought about or talked about as an artwork. And that’s what we are doing here, which I think is great.”

Check out more details on the New York Post.

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